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Finally, we did it ! Fed up of getting small holganized pics ?
Holganizer.com is proud to announce the official release of the Holganizer Actions for Adobe Photoshop™ CS & CS3!

The pack is composed of eight (8) scripts that will make your pictures look like as if they were shot with a Holga.
Color, Cross-processing (Xpro), Black & white, and Sepia. Then you choose if you need lightleaks or not !
By the way, it's working with horizontal, vertical, and square images.

The price ? only 20$... the price of a real Holga. But after that, you won't need to process your film rolls...

Here's a sample of what you can get with the Holganizer Actions :

Original version


The Holganizer team cannot be held responsible for anything created with the Holganizer. Use at own risk!
Holganizer is in no way affiliated, endorsed or sponsored by Holga cameras or Kodak Corporation.