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What is Holganizer ?

HolgaNizer is a PHP-based script that gives your favorite pictures a Holga style. And now available for Adobe Photoshop™.

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Holganizer for Adobe Photoshop™ !

Holga is a cheap chinese plastic medium format camera, and even the lens is in plastic. It creates strange effects, light leaks,...!

There are many different Holga models, that all make crappy pictures. Even the model with a glass lens...

- Holga 120S : The original Holga. Fixed shutter speed, adjustable focus, plastic lens, hot shoe, and 6x4.5 film mask.
- Holga 120N : Same, with tripod mount, bulb exposure mode, an easier-to-move film counter window switch, and an additional 6x6 film mask.
- Holga 120SF : A standard Holga 120S, with a flash.
- Holga 120GN : A Holga 120N with a glass lens.
- Holga 120FN : A Holga 120N with a flash.
- Holga 120GFN : A Holga 120FN with a glass lens.
- Holga 120CFN : A Holga 120FN with a color flash.
- Holga 120GCFN : A Holga 120CFN with a glass lens.

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The Holganizer team cannot be held responsible for anything created with the Holganizer. Use at own risk!
Holganizer is in no way affiliated, endorsed or sponsored by Holga cameras or Kodak Corporation.