Photoshop Actions

More than just an online tool, Holganizer is also available as a Photoshop™ Action set, that turn your favorite pictures into Holga-looking pictures.
The Holganizer Actions v2.0 are the best actions ever for toycam photography.

Compared to the Holganizer online tool, the Holganizer Photoshop™ Actions have more presets, more effects, and bigger image outputs.

Effects & Presets

Color effects : Color, Slide, XPro, B&W
Light leaks : 8 types (4 color, 4 B&W)
Film Strips : 3 Brands (Kodak, Fuji, Ilford)
==> Many combinations !

More realistic !

- Big printable output image (2000x2000 px),
- Blurry edges and distortion,
- Realistic light leaks
- 3 types of film strips,
- You can play with layers to adjust settings

Download the Actions !

You have to be a Gold Member to download the Holganizer Actions v2.0

Gold member features are :
- Store 1000 Holganized images in your gallery
- Download Holganizer Actions for Adobe Photoshop
- Get Holganizer Actions free updates.
- Download Holganizer Actions Instructions Kit

Effects & Presets : Actions Window

Great Color Effects

Realistic Light Leaks !

What about some film strips ?


The Holganizer team cannot be held responsible for anything created with the Holganizer. Use at your own risk !
Holganizer is in no way affiliated, endorsed or sponsored by Holga cameras or by film brands.
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